Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Abelmoschus manihot (L.) Medik.

English Name : Sweet hibiscus, Sunset-hibiscus

Family : Malvaceae

A perennial herb growing to 2m. It has a single central stem to 2m and short sparse branches. Leaves dark palmate on erect stalks which bears large creamy yellow hibiscus flowers all season long. The large tear-shaped pods develop at the base of the flower, they are velvety in texture.

Wasteland and humid rocky hillsides. In Nepal it grows at elevations of 700 - 1700 metres in rocky places with shrubs. Grasslands, near streams and margins of farm land.

Parts Used : Bark, root and leaves

Origin : East Asia

Herb Effects
Emmenagogue (bark)

Medicinal Use
The bark and leaves are used to treat menorrhagia. A paste of the bark is used to treat wounds and cuts. The root juice is warmed and applied to sprains. The juice of the flowers is used to treat chronic bronchitis and toothache.