Sunday, November 30, 2008

Handbook of Medicinal Herbs, Second Edition

Duke J.A. CRC Press; 2002; 896стр.; ISBN: 0849312841

Book Description

Still considered the definitive work on medicinal herbs and their uses after two decades, the Handbook of Medicinal Herbs has undergone a long-anticipated revision. In the second edition, world-renowned ethnobotanist James A. Duke provides data on over 800 of the world's most important medicinal plant species. It contains more species, phytochemicals, proven indications, folk indications, and dosage data than the first edition in a new format that makes them easy to find. The in-depth information, the addition of color plates and over 200 black and white illustrations, and the easy-to-use format make this the most comprehensive herbal resource available.


Of interest to those who involved in the use of herbs in the medicinal environment…A fine reference work.-J. Elliot, Southeastern Naturalist, 2002…the perfect herbal reference. This is a tall order but it is one that James A. Duke, Ph.D., et al, filled quite well…describes most herbs concisely and, in an equally concise manner, evaluates the scientific research on their use. …The extensive references and their convenient coding contribute greatly to the overall value of the new edition…Dr. Duke commented in his introduction that he meant to create a resource to parallel the PDR® for Herbal Medicine. In fact, this updated handbook accomplishes much more. There is no other modern desk reference that combines such a comprehensive materia medica with as much scientific source material. …the botanical reference that most practitioners have been looking for and it comes highly recommended by this practitioner.- Kathy Abascal, B.S., J.D., Herbalist, Alternative and Complementary Therapies, October 2002…879 pages of valuable information about more than 800 useful and rarely used medicinal herbs. …the use of shortenings and evaluations and the concise descriptions makes the use of the handbook as a reference book easy.- Journal of Medicinal and Spice Plants


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