Sunday, December 14, 2008

Basella alba Linn.

Family : Basellaceae

Synonym(s) : Basella rubra L., Basella cordifolia Lam.

English Name : Indian Spinach

Origin : Africa, South East Asia

A perennial, creeping or climbing herb, 2-10 m long. Stems angular, green, glabrous, multibranched, fleshy or thin; leaves entire, broad-ovate to cordate or orbicular, 5-18 cm in diam, glossy, succulent; flowers in lax, axillary, peduncled spikes with white to green fleshy perianth; utricles depressed-globose, shallowly lobed, 4-7 mm x 5-10 mm, white or greenish white, turning dark violet or black, contianing a violet juice.

Parts Used : Root and plant

Herb Effects
Inhibits vomiting (root decoction) and antiviral (plant); antidote, aperient, astringent, demulcent, diuretic, febrifuge, laxative, rubefacient.

Active Ingredients
Provitamin A and alpha and beta-carotene, lutein, violaxanthin and tunaxanthin (plant).

Medicinal Use
As a poultice for swellings (root); for constipation, especially for children and pregnant women (leaf juice).


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