Monday, December 15, 2008

Jasminum sambac (L.) AIT.

Family : Oleaceae

English Name : Arabian jasmine, Mohle flowers, Zambac

Origin : India, Bengal to Ceylon and Burma

It is a scandent shrub with pubescent young shoots. Leaves are opposite, ovate or elliptic, obtuse or acute and glabrous or pubescent. Flowers are 3 to many flowered and are borne in terminal cymes or solitary. The berries are globose and blue-black.

0-600 m in its native habitat; widely cultivated

Parts Used : Fruit, leaves and flowers

Herb Effects
Galactagogue (fruit, leaves and flowers)

Active Ingredients
Betulinic acid (leaf)

Medicinal Use
A poultice of the bruised root or leaves or flowers unmoistened applied to the breasts to arrest the secretion of milk in the puerperal state in cases of threatened abscess.

Avoid during pregnancy


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