Monday, December 15, 2008

Onosma bracteatum WALL

Family : Boraginaceae

English Name : Cow's Tongue Plant

Origin : India and Nepal

The stem is simple, hairy, arising from a cluster of radical leaves, which are lanceolate and with conspicuous hairy pallid bases. The leaves are with evident veins. The cauline leaves are lanceolate. The flowers are blue or purple, trumpet-shaped, in dense, silky, glomaerate clusters. The nut-lets are grey, coarsely rugose and tuberculate.

Found abundantly in the Nortwestern Himalayas.

Parts Used : Flowers and leaf (dried)

Herb Effects
The plant is alterative, demulcent, refrigerant, tonic, diuretic, reduces fever and alleviates spasms.

Medicinal Use
For reducing fever and alleviating spasms. A decoction is used in the treatment of rheumatism, syphilis and leprosy. The plant is considered to be useful in relieving excessive thirst and restlessness in febrile excitement, and also to be useful in relieving functional palpitation of the heart, irritation of the bladder and stomach, and strangury.


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