Thursday, December 11, 2008

Kaempferia rotunda L.

Family : Zingiberaceae

Synonym(s) : Kaempferia longa

Origin : Indo-Malaysia


Leaves oblong and coloured; spikes radicle; flowers fragrant, purplish white; root consisting of several globular rhizomes from which spring numerous fleshy rootlets.

Parts Used : Tubers and whole plant

Herb Effects


Active Ingredients

Beta-sitosterol and crotepoxide

Medicinal Use

Mumps, wounds and swellings. Tubers and whole plant in the form of powder or ointment is applied to wounds and bruises to reduce swellings; used in mumps and cancerous swellings also. It is given internally in cases of pyaemia with the idea of removing blood or pus from the body.


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