Monday, December 15, 2008

Nepeta hindostana (Roth) Haines

Family : Lamiaceae

Synonym(s) : Nepeta ruderalis Buch. Ham.

English Name : Cal Mint

An erect or ascending herb, 15-40 cm. high. Leaves broadly ovate or orbicular, crenate; flowers blue-purple; nutlets broadly oblong, brown with white dots.

Ravines and wastelands.

Parts Used : Plant, leaf and flower

Herb Effects
Antiinflammatory and stimulates the heart (plant); carminative and stimulant (leaf and flower).

Active Ingredients
Nepehinal (a triterpenoid aldehyde), nepedinol, nepetidone, triterpenic acid, beta-sitosterol, stigmasterol and flavonoids (including nepitrin) (plant).

Medicinal Use
Sore throat (decoction), reducing fever, antigonorrheic, syncope, anxiety and a cardiotonic for several heart problems, such as Angina pectoris (plant).


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