Monday, December 1, 2008

The Constituents of Medicinal Plants: An Introduction to the Chemistry & Therapeutics of Herbal Medicines

Pengelly A.
1996; 109стр.; ISBN: 0646315951

Book description

The herbal renaissance has been taking place ihroughout the Western world arguably over the last 25 years. Over that period of time herbal medicine has moved from a strong empirical basis to Its present position as an increasingly scientifically based system of healing, increasingly referred to as phytotherapy. With the development of the scientific explanation nf hetbal medicine has come increased credibility and acceptance for it as a system of healing applicable to contemporary society. Andrew Pengelly's book. THE CONSTITUENTS OF MEDICINAL PLANTS - An Introduction lo the Chemistry & Therapeutics of Herbal Medicines is a significant contribution to the modem day scientific explanation of herbal medicine and as such has made a significant contribution to this increased credibility and acceptance of herbal medicine. As a long standing graduate of Southern Crass Herbal School, with many years of professional practice as a medical herbalist and as a lecturer on herb identification and introductory pharmacognosy, Mr Pengelly is eminently qualified to write a text such as the above. The book will he particular!)' suitable to those undertaking professional level studies In herbal medicine or to those in the natural drug industry who seek fundamental information on the phytochemistry of medicinal herbs.

I am delighted and honoured to write this foreword for Mr Pengelly's book and 1 commend it highly to all those who are interested in understanding the scientific basis of herbal medicine.


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