Saturday, December 6, 2008

Fenugreek: The Genus Trigonella

By Georgios A Petropoulos

Publisher: CRC
Number Of Pages: 220
Publication Date: 2002-08-22

Book Description:

Fenugreek presents an in-depth review on the Genus Trigonella and particularly the species T. foenum-graecum L. (fenugreek). Written by experts and including chapters describing the genus' botany, physiology, cultivation, breeding, nutrition, pest-disease and weed control, the book discusses the chemical constituents of the species of Trigonella, their pharmacological properties and the marketing of fenugreek seed. A detailed presentation of the usefulness of fenugreek seed as food, spice, perfume is also included. The book will be of interest to all those concerned with the study, cultivation and use of medicinal and aromatic plants and particularly of fenugreek. Contributors Yemen, Christos Fotopoulos, Agricultural Economics and Social Research Institute, Kifissia, Greece, C.N. Giannopolitis, Benaki Phytopathological Institute, Kifissia, Greece, Panagiotis Kouloumbis, National Agricultural Research Foundation, Lycovrissi, Greece, Georgios Manicas, Vrilissia, Greece, Georgios Petroupoulos, Athens, Greece, Amala Raman, King's College, London, UK, Helen Skaltsa, University of Athens, Greece, Caroline Spyropoulos, University of Athens, Greece.


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