Saturday, December 6, 2008

Lavender: The Genus Lavandula (Medicinal and Aromatic Plants - Industrial Profiles, 29)

By Maria Lis-Balchin

Publisher: CRC
Number Of Pages: 292
Publication Date: 2002-08-01

Book Description:
Lavender: The Genus Lavandula is a comprehensive volume covering all aspects of our current knowledge of lavender. With contributions from lavender researchers worldwide, this book discusses taxonomy, and history of usage and nomenclature; theory and practice of distillation and standardization of lavender essential oils; phytochemistry; chemistry; and more. This book will be of interest both to graduate students and scientists in academia and industry who are involved with lavender, to professionals in the lavender growing and retail industry, the perfumery, food and cosmetics industries, and to those interested in lavender for alternative and conventional medical use. Contributors Upson, Cambridge Botanic Gardens, UK Joanna Castle, Brighton, UK Henry Head, Norfolk Lavender Caley Mill, UK Simon Charlesworth Downderry Nursery, UK Rosemary Holmes, Yuulong Lavender Estate as Mt. Egerton, Australia Jeffrey B. Harborne and Christine A. Williams, University of Reading, UK E.F.K. Denny Denny, McKenzie Associates, Australia Gerhard Buchbauer University of Vienna, Austria Stephen Hart, King's College London, UK Michael Kirk-Smith, University of Ulster, Northern Ireland Stanley G. Deans, SAC Auchincruive, Scotland Rhona Wells Charabot et Cie, UK Mladenka Paunova Ilieva-Stoiliova, Atanas Ivanov Pavlov and Elena Georgieva Kovatcheva-Apostolova, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Susyn Andrews, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, UK Denys J. Charles, Frontier Natural Products Co-op, USA Erica N.C. Renaud and James E. Simon, Rutgers University, USA


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