Sunday, February 15, 2009

Capparis zeylanica L.

English Name : Ceylon Caper

Family : Capparaceae

Origin : Indo-Malaysia

A branched shrub with smooth stem. Leaves rough, broadly lanceolate, pointed tip, short curved thorns at the base of leaf stalk. Flowers white. Fruits berry, bright scarlet, ovoid shaped. Seeds many.

Scrub forests and on hedges of the Indian plains.

Parts Used : Seed, leaf, root and its bark and aerial part

Herb Effects
Sedative, stomachic, antihidrotic and diuretic (root bark); alleviates spasms (50% EtOH aerial part extract).

Active Ingredients
Glucocapparin, thioglucoside, alpha-amyrin, n-tricontane and a fixed oil (leaf and seed).

Medicinal Use
Hemorrhoids, boils, piles and swellings (leaf); cholera and stomach problems (powdered root bark).


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