Monday, February 16, 2009

Nymphaea alba Linn.

English Name : European White Water-Lily

Family : Nymphaeaceae

A perennial aquatic herb. Leaves rounded, cordate, entire; rhizome black; flowers solitary, white, 10-13 cm. across, floating; fruit a spongy berry ripening under water; seeds minute, striate, punctate, buried in pulp.

Ponds and lakes of Kashmir

Parts Used : Flower, leaf, root and rhizome

Herb Effects
Antidysenteric, astringent, aphrodisiac, a heart stimulant, useful in improving memory and narcotic (rhizome); alleviates spasms and sedative (alcohol extract of rhizome); anaphrodisiac and sedative (flowers).

Active Ingredients
Nymphalin (flower); luteolin, beta-aminoadipic acid and gossypitrin (leaf); nypheine (root).

Medicinal Use
In dysentery and irritable bowel syndrome, as an astringent and a narcotic (rhizome); for gastrointestinal disorders and jaundice; to treat bronchial catarrh and kidney pain and can be taken as a gargle for sore throats (root decoction); in the treatment of insomnia and anxiety (flower).

Do no use if pregnant.


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