Thursday, February 19, 2009

Careya arborea ROXB.

English Name : Slow Match Tree

Family : Lecythidaceae

Origin : Afghanistan to Malaysia

Medium-sized tree with large ovate, ovate-oblong leaves clustered at the end of the branchlets, old leaves often red/purple; flowers large, white and pink, in dense spikes, fruits large globose green, crowded with calyx tube, deciduous.

Shady areas and forests of the subHimalayas (from Jammu to West Bengal), Tamil Nadu and Madhya Pradesh.

Parts Used : Fruit, leaf, seed and bark

Herb Effects
Astringent (fruit and bark)

Active Ingredients
Careaborin (leaf); barringtogenol (seed); betulin, betulinic acid (bark)

Medicinal Use
Snakebite antidote (fruit and bark), in treating body pain, fever, cold, cough, and leucoderma. The plant parts are used to treat snakebite, ulcers, healing wound, cough, cold, abscesses and dysentery.

Abdominal pain: Grind the bark of Careya arborea with the bark of Madei tree into paste. Soak the paste in water. After two to three days filter with cloth and take the filtrate orally.
Body pain: Grind 20 g root of Careya arborea into paste. Boil the paste with cow's milk. Take 50 ml of the mixture as a dose twice a day for one day only.
Cold / Fever: Boil the bark of Careya arborea for 15 minutes. Take 25 ml of this decoction with honey as a single dose twice a day for three to four days.
Cuts/ Wounds:Grind the sun-dried bark of Careya arborea into powder. Sprinkle the powder over the wounds.
Liquid purging: Grind the dried bark of Careya arborea with water to make paste. Prepare pills of 5 g each from the paste. Take one pill as a dose three times a day with water until cured.
Myalgia: Grind the bark of Careya arborea and the root of Bauhinia variegata into paste. Take 10 g of this paste as a dose twice a day for 7 days.
Pain due to injury: Boil a long bark of Careya arborea in water for 15 minutes. Use the long boiled bark as bandage on the injured part.
Poultry lice: Keep the flowers of Careya arborea inside the poultry house to get rid of lice in poultry.
Rabies: Grind the root of a small tree of Careya arborea. Make a pudding by mixing the paste with broken rice. Administer the pudding to the patient and advise patient to sit under the sun for a while. This will cause vomiting and cure the patient.


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