Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pentapetes phoenicea Linn.

English Name : Noon Flower, Midday Flower, Scarlet Mallow, Simine, Flor impia, Copper Cups

Family : Sterculiaceae

Origin : South Asia

A branched herb, 60-150 cm. high. Leaves lanceolate, crenate-serrate; flowers red or scarlet, solitary or in pairs on short peduncles; capsules sub-globose, bristly; seeds 8-12, sub-globose, dotted.

Found in rice fields, marshy and wet places throughout the hotter parts of India

Parts Used : Capsules, root

Herb Effects
Emollient (capsules); astringent, antibilious and antiphlegmonous (root)

Medicinal Use
Used for diseases of the bowels (capsules); alleviative of wind and fever (root)


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