Monday, February 23, 2009

Lobelia nicotianifolia ROTH. EX. R. & S.

English Name : Wild Tobacco

Family : Lobeliaceae

An erect herb. Leaves subsessile, oblong, lanceolate, denticulate, narrowed at the base, acuminate; racemes many-flowered; bracts leafy; pedicels longer than the bract, bibracteolate; sepals lanceolate serrated, corolla pubescent purple.

Forests of western, tropical India (from Maharashtra to Kerala).

Parts Used
:Leaf, root, plant and its aerial part.

Herb Effects
Antiseptic (leaf) and on the nictating membrane (aerial part).

Active Ingredients
1-lelobanidine and lobeline (plant)

Medicinal Use
Useful in scorpion sting (root); in treating the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal, hangovers and alcoholism (plant).


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