Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Luffa echinata Roxb.

English Name : Luffa

Family : Cucurbitaceae

A climber with a slender, slightly hairy, furrowed stem and 2-fid tendrils. Leaves orbicular reniform, obscurely 5-angled or more or less deeply 5-lobed; male peduncles normally paired, one being 1-flowered and the other a long raceme of 5-12 flowers at apex; female flower solitary; fruit oblong or globose, 3 cm. long, not ribbed, clothed with ciliate bristles; seeds many, 5 mm. long.

Parts Used : Fruit, plant and its aerial part.

Herb Effects
Hypoglycemic (aerial part), emetic and anthelmintic (plant); purgative (fruit).

Active Ingredients
Chrysoeriol and its glycosides, luteolin, apigenin, echinatin and elaterin (fruit).

Medicinal Use
In jaundice, in phthisis, hiccough and as an anthelmintic (plant); for dropsy, nephritis, chronic bronchitis and lung complaints; biliary and intestinal colic; it is applied to the body in putrid fevers and jaundice (fruit infusion); in jaundice (aqueous extract of fruits).


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