Sunday, March 15, 2009

Boerhavia diffusa L.

English Name : Hog Weed, Horse Purslane, Red Spiderling

Family : Nyctaginaceae

Origin : India

A very variable, diffusely branched, pubescent or glabrous, prostrate herb with a stout, woody rootstock; stems creeping, often purplish, swollen at the nodes up to 1.2 m long. Leaves long-petioled, ovate or oblong-cordate, entire or sinuate, usually whitish and smooth beneath an rough green on upper surface. Flowers red, pink or white, borne in small umbels arranged in axillary and terminal panicles. Fruit ovate, oblong, 1.3 cm long, five-ribbed, pubescent, viscid, glandular.

Indigenous to India. It grows wild all over the country as a common creeping weed and is specially abundant during the rains.

Parts Used : Root, leaf and plant

Herb Effects
Antidote, diuretic, emetic, expectorant, laxative, stomachic.

Active Ingredients
B-Sitosterol, a-2-sitosterol, palmitic acid, ester of b-sitosterol, tetracosanoic, hexacosonoic, stearic, arachidic acid, urosilic acid, Hentriacontane, b-Ecdysone, triacontanol; triacontanol hentriacontane, ß-­sitosterol, ursolic acid, 5,7-dihydroxy-3,4-dimethyoxy-6,8-dimethyl flavone, the rotenoid boeravinones AI, BI, C2 , D, E and F, dihydroisofurenoxanthin, borhavine, punarnavoside, liriodendrin and syringaresinol mono-D-glucoside (roots).

Medicinal Use
To treat anaemia, oedema, internal abscess, calculi, eye diseases, oedema during pregnancy, haemoptysis, for inducing sleep, fever, rheumatic ailments, difficult labour, vaginal pain, rejuvinative, asthma, oedema, anaemia, jaundice, ascites, anasarca, scanty urine and internal inflammation. It is also an antidote to snake poisoning.

Powder: 3-6 gms.
Expressed juice: 5-10 ml.


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