Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fagonia cretica Linn.

Family : Zygophyllaceae

A small spiny undershrub with stiff, more or less prostrate,branches. Leaves opposite, 1-3 foliolate: leaflets entire, linear-elliptic; flowers small, pink.

Ravines and rocky areas; western and peninsular India and the upper Gangetic plains.

Parts Used : Plant and its aerial part

Herb Effects
Alleviates spasms, antiviral, stimulates the cardiovascular system and antagonistic to the effect of amphetamine (aerial part); bitter astringent, tonic, antiseptic and febrifuge (plant)

Active Ingredients
Betulin, beta-sitosterol, diosgenin, fagogenin, harmine, kryptogenin, lanosterol, and oleanolic acid (plant).

Medicinal Use
Fever, thirst, vomiting, dysentery, asthma, urinary discharges, liver trouble, dropsy, delirium, typhoid, toothache, stomach troubles, skin diseases and protects against acquiring smallpox(plant).


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