Thursday, March 26, 2009

Premna latifolia Roxb.

English Name : Dusky Fire Brand Bark

Family : Verbenaceae

A small bushy tree or a shrub. Bark ash-coloured, smooth; leaves cordate or oval, downy, odorous when crushcd; flowers small, dirty yellow, in compound corymbs; drupes wrinkled, 4-celled.

Forests of West Bengal, Bihar and northeastern and peninsular India; also in lower altitudes in the Garhwal (Himalayas) area.

Parts Used : Bark (from root and stem) and leaf

Herb Effects
Diuretic and alleviates spasms (leaf); hypoglycemic and stimulates the cardiovascular system (stem bark).

Active Ingredients
Premnalatin (leaf); premnaspiral, premnaspirodiene, pimaradienols and sandarocopimars (root bark); geniposidic and 7-deoxyloganic acids (stem bark).

Medicinal Use
For boils (bark paste) and in dropsy (leaf).


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