Sunday, March 15, 2009

Buchanania lanzan SPR.

English Name : Buchanan’s Mango

Family : Anacardiaceae

Origin : Indo-Malaysia

An evergreen tree with a straight, cylindrical trunk up to 15 m tall with rough, dark grey bark. Branches tomentose when young. Leaves thickly coriaceous, pubescent beneath, broadly oblong, obtuse, with rounded base. Flowers small, greenish white, in axillary and terminal panicles. Fruits (drupes) ovoid or globose, black, 8 to 12 cm in diameter; stones hard.

Parts Used : Seed, bark and aerial part

Herb Effects
Anticancer and stimulates respiration and the cardiovascular system (aerial part); as a tonic (seed); aphrodisiac (kernels)

Active Ingredients
Oleic, palmitic, linoleic and stearic acids, along with amino acids (seed).

Medicinal Use
Snakebite antidote (bark); and in skin diseases (seed paste); to treat intrinsic haemorrhage, diarrhoea with blood and as tonic; in case of fever and burning sensation (kernels).


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