Thursday, March 26, 2009

Polyalthia longifolia BENTH. & HOOK. F.

English Name : Mast Tree

Family : Annonaceae

Origin : Southern Deccan Peninsula and Sri Lanka

It is a handsome evergreen tree with a straight trunk and strictly drooping branches. The bark is greyish brown, thick and smooth. Leaves are lanceolate, acuminate shining with undulate margins and 15.0 to 22.0 cm long. The flowers are borne in fascicles and are yellowish or white. Fruits are in clusters and formed of small ovoid, purple and 1 seeded carpels.

Warmer areas of India

Parts Used : Bark and leaf

Herb Effects

Active Ingredients
Leucocyanidin, leucocyanidin trimer and beta-sitosterol (stem bark).

Medicinal Use
Reducing fever (bark). The decoction of the bark is used to treat indigestion, hypertension and fever. It also stimulates respiration.


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