Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Evolvulus alsinoidesL.

English Name : Slender Dwarf-Morning Glory, English speedwheel

Family : Convolvulaceae

Origin : American tropics

A perennial herb with a small woody and branched rootstock. Its branches are annual, numerous, more than 30 cm long, often prostrate, slender and wiry with long hairs. Leaves are small, entire, elliptic to oblong, obtuse, apiculate, base acute and densely hairy. Petiole is minute or nearly absent. Bracts are linear and persistent. Flowers are blue, solitary and rarely 2 from a bract. Peduncle is long and axillary. Calyx 4 is lobed, lanceolate and the tip acute. Capsule is globose and 4 valved. Seeds are 4 and glabrous.

Along roads and open sandy areas of India

Parts Used : Plant, powder and fruits

Herb Effects
Antifungal, anthelmintic, reduces fever, diuretic and anti-phlogistic.

Active Ingredients
Beta-sitosterol and evolvine (alkaloid); oleic, stearic and linoleic acids.

Medicinal Use
In dysentery, asthma, bronchitis, reducing fever, as a vermifuge and brain tonic, febrifuge, useful in internal haemorrhages, malarial fever, as blood purifier (decoction), in syphilis and scrofula.

Do not use during pregnancy.


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