Thursday, March 26, 2009

Prosopis cineraria (L.) DRUCE

Family : Fabaceae

Origin : Iran to India

It is a small or moderate sized evergreen tree with light foliage and slender branches having conical spines. The bark is rough, exfoliating in thin flakes. Leaves are bipinnate, generally with 2 pairs of pinnae; pinnules 7 to 12 pairs. Flowers are small, yellowish and are borne in slender spikes. The pods are cylindric, torulose or flattish with coriaceous exocarp. Seeds are 10 to 15, compressed, oblong with moderately hard brown testa.

Occurs in the dry and arid regions of India.

Parts Used : Pod, bark and flowers

Herb Effects
The pods are considered to possess astringent, demulcent and pectoral properties.

Active Ingredients
Sugars, five flavonones, fatty acids, and tannins

Medicinal Use
In rheumatism and scorpion sting (bark); by women during pregnancy to prevent miscarriage (flowers mixed with sugar); for the treatment of snakebite (plant).


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