Monday, March 2, 2009

Sphaeranthus indicus Linn.

English Name : East Indian Globe Thistle

Family : Asteraceae

Aromatic, glandular, hairy, branched plant; stems are with toothed wings; leaves are obovate-oblong, serrate; flowers are in heads, purple. The leaves are eaten as a pot-herb. They are mixed with paddy and rice to prevent damage by insect pests during storage.

Moist soils and tropical parts of India.

Parts Used : Root, seed, flower, plant and essential oil.

Herb Effects
Anthelmintic (seed and root); diuretic, hypoglycemic and aphrodisiac (plant); antibacterial and antifungal (essential oil); depurifies the body, alterant, depurative, refrigerant and tonic (flower).

Active Ingredients
Sphaeranthine and beta-sitosterol (plant); spilanthol (flower); methyl chavicol, a-ionone and d-cadenine (essential oil).

Medicinal Use
Useful in liver and gastric disorders (plant juice); in chest-pains, cough, and piles (root decoction); for skin diseases and as a nerve tonic (powdered leaves); Anthelmintic (seed and root); to treat diabetes (flower).


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